University Of Southern Mississippi Hooks Up Honors Students With Samsung Galaxy Tabs

The classic “my dog ate my homework” excuse just got a lot harder to pull off for students at the University of Southern Mississippi. The University today announced plans to hook up its Honors College students with the inedible Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to extend access to educational content.

The pilot program will launch with up to 1,000 Galaxy Tabs, which will be distributed to selected Honors College, McNair Scholars, Southern Style and Gulf Coast students. Not sure what Southern Style or Gulf Coast students are, but if you’re one of them, congratulations on your new GalTab.

The slates will come loaded with Blackboard Mobile, giving students access to the course syllabi, content, e-texbooks, grades, schedules, and emergency notifications. With students and professors both on the same OS with the same hardware, sharing of video, audio and other content will be that much easier. Plus, the trees are really excited about being left alone.