Class buys tech from its own founder’s first edtech company for $210 million

Before starting Class, a Zoom-friendly virtual instruction tool, Michael Chasen was the founder of Blackboard, one of the first cloud solutions for education on the market. While Class has some nods t

Hubilo picks up $125M to double down on building a more engaging platform for virtual and live events

Virtual became the norm for physical gatherings at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, and now, as many jet back into in-person meetings, some believe that the online version, at least in some form,

Coursedog lands $4.2 million to make class scheduling smarter

Two years ago, dormmates Justin Wenig and Nicholas Diao struggled to get into a popular computer science class at Columbia University. The duo eventually got into that class, but after the initial fru

How safe are school records? Not very, says student security researcher

If you can’t trust your bank, government or your medical provider to protect your data, what makes you think students are any safer? Turns out, according to one student security researcher, they

Campuswire launches to redesign classroom communications

Tade Oyerinde is obsessed with communications inside educational institutions. A few years ago, while studying at Leeds University in England, he founded Gleepost, a Craigslist-like service targeting

Blackboard cofounder Michael Chasen takes CEO reins at PrecisionHawk

Commercial drone tech venture PrecisionHawk has a new CEO—again. Red Hat Inc. cofounder Bob Young, who has served as PrecisionHawk’s CEO since July 2015, is handing over the reins to another veter

The LMS market glacier is melting

Phil Hill Contributor Phil Hill is a partner at MindWires Consulting, co-publisher of the e-Literate blog and co-producer of e-Literate TV. The world of edtech is strange and full of apparent contradi

Instructure Up 8% From IPO, CEO Sees “Huge Renaissance” In EdTech

Instructure, the Utah-based educational technology company, went public on the New York Stock Exchange on Friday. After pricing at $16, shares were up 8 percent by early afternoon trading. Instruct

Parchment Launches College Recommendation Engine So Applicants Can Hedge Their Bets

Hello, high school juniors. Stressed about graduation next year? Nervous about getting into college? Well Matthew Pittinsky, co-founder of the online education giant Blackboard and current chief execu

Education Giant Blackboard Buys MyEdu To Help Refresh Its Brand And Reanimate Its User Experience

Over the years, Blackboard has become one of the most familiar brands in the world of education. Today, Blackboard’s learning management system (LMS) and educational tools are used in 75 percent

Blackboard: With Both Co-founders Now Gone, It’s The End Of An Era For The Education Software Giant

This week, <a target="_blank" href="">in a letter addressed to "The Education Community,"</a> Michael Chasen stepp

Used By 30% Of U.S. High Schools, Parchment Lands $23.5M To Bring Transcripts & Student Data Online

While education is becoming increasingly attractive to investors, there's still a lot of uncertainty in the space and companies with viable business models, revenue growth and substantial user bases r

1M Users Strong, Schoology Grabs $6M To Take On Blackboard, Moodle

<a target="_blank" href="">Schoology</a>, the makers of a one-stop, cloud-based learning management system for primary and secondary schools, is announcing today that

Blackboard Acquires Moodlerooms, NetSpot To Offer Open Source Learning Technology

<a href="">Blackboard</a>, the maker of learning and education software for enterprises and schools, has <a href="

Educated Buy? Providence Equity Partners To Acquire Blackboard For $1.64 Billion In Cash

<img src="" /> <a href="">Blackboard</a>, the maker of learning and education software for enterprises an

Penn Students Leave School to Launch CourseKit With $1 Million Seed Round

<img src=""> Three students at the University of Pennsylvania—Joseph Cohen, Dan Getelman, and Jim Grandpre—are quitting school

Blackboard Buys Mobile Messaging Company Saf-T-Net For $33 Million

<img src="" class="shot2"><a href="">Blackboard, </a>a company that designs an education software for school groups, ha

2tor Raises $20 Million Series B To Go After The High End Of Online Education

<img src="" width="215" height="100" /> Every year as broadband reaches more people, online education keeps growing and growing. S