Specialized And McLaren Claim "The Fastest Complete Performance Bike In The World"

Cross-discipline collaborations are nothing new for the car, bike, or any industry, really. By putting their heads together, people can produce truly new and interesting works of engineering, though the result is almost always horrendously expensive. In this case, considering the collaborators are the well-known bike maker Specialized and the famed auto designer McLaren, you know it’s going to cost you a dollar or two over the competition.

They’ve created the S-Works + McLaren Venge to be a record-breaker, and in fact call it “the fastest complete performance bike in the world.” The carbon fiber frame tips the scales at under a kilogram: 950g, or around 2.09 pounds. Once you add in seat, handlebars, and so on, it comes to about 4.5 pounds. My bike’s lock weighs 4.5 pounds.

The tubing is aerodynamically optimized (or “optimised,” as the Brits would say) and cabling runs internally, so once you get your tight bike suit and teardrop helmet on, the air won’t know what hit it.

It should be available in the UK for £5000, or $8000 US. (BYO wheels)

[via Bicycle Design and Gizmag]