DoAT Quickly Adds Google+ Sharing From The iPhone In A Clever Way

When DoAT (aka Do@) launched at TechCrunch Disrupt in May, their unique take on search and mobile apps earned rave reviews. Unsurprisingly, they were selected by the judges to be a finalist. And they continue to stay ahead of the curve, by quickly embracing Google+.

The latest version of their iPhone app, which just went live in the App Store, supports sharing of content from within their app to Google’s new social network. How is this possible since Google hasn’t yet exposed APIs for people to play with? DoAT is wisely using the mobile web version of Google+ for the sharing.

When you find a page you want to share, you simply hit the G+ icon and a web browser will open within the DoAT app and the name of the page you’re sharing plus a link will automatically be inserted. It also notes that it’s being shared from the iPhone via DoAT — nothing wrong with a little marketing for being first to implement the nifty feature.

The @social area of DoAT now also includes Google+ as the second option, right after Facebook.

This G+ share button within DoAT is likely the first from the iPhone. But others around the web have been hacking together buttons and setting up accounts just for sharing to Google’s new network, even without Google’s official support. The lure of 10 million+ users — all of which are new, and many of which still seem highly active — seems too good to pass up.

The new version of DoAT comes with a few other interface enhancements as well which make it easier to get started.

You can find DoAT in the App Store here.