Larry Page On Google+: Over 10 Million Users, 1 Billion Items Being Shared Per Day

Google CEO Larry Page headlined Google’s earnings call today and of course revealed some interesting statistics on Google’s most recent product, Google+. Page said the new management structure he implemented is “working together fabulously,” and helping complete Google’s goal of making “sharing on web like sharing in real life.”

Page says that Google+ now has over 10 million users who have created profiles, and these users are sharing and receiving 1 billion items per day. Page explains that in particular, Circles, which allows users select and organize their Google+ contacts into groups, has been a popular feature of Google+ amongst users.

Page shared these stats on Google+ as well.

To put those figures in perspective, Google+ only launched two weeks ago. At 10 million users, the network has already accumulated 1.3 percent of Facebook’s 750 million users in two weeks.

Google chairman Eric Schmidt had revealed last week that the network has millions of users, and also highlighted the traction of Circles. Google+ has been the search giant’s most aggressive social product yet, and clearly the network is seeing traction both in terms of engagement and users.