Foursquare (Finally) Checks In To Its Very Own SOMA Office [Pics]

As Steve Jobs has proven times a million this week, if you want your employees to feel great about working for you, give them a great office.

Foursquare‘s San Francisco outpost has amazingly enough shared space with mobile payments Square from August 2010 until earlier this year, when it got too big for the Square offices and bumped itself up to another floor in the same building. Well, the company is moving once again, this time to startup saturated SOMA, at 363 Clementina, between 4th and 5th Street.

The startup will be leasing the entire top floor of the 363 Clementina building, using the 5,500 square feet to house an additional 50-60 people (more than doubling its current staff), Foursquare head of Talent Morgan Missen tells me. Foursquare SF expects to occupy space for several years.

“We believe in going where the talent is,” Missen says. “We had 3-4 employees working remotely from SF for the past year, simply because they were the best ones for the job and they were rooted in SF. When we realized the need to hire engineers faster, it was a no brainer to expand our presence there.” Missen says that the company is in the process of hiring Software Engineers and has snagged a few key hires from Twitter and Google (but won’t tell me who they are just yet).

As soon as the company has decorated it’ll be holding the first of many Foursquare sponsored parties/concerts and events. “As you can see from the photos, there’s obviously a lot of work to do,” Missen explains.

Foursquare currently has 65 employees (and “a lot of summer interns”) and is thisclose to hitting 10 million users, with users averaging about 3 million check-ins a day.

Those of you looking for the new Foursquare SF venue on Foursquare can find it here. Currently Foursquare VP of Mobile and Partnerships Holger Luedorf is mayor, but with only two check-ins I’m sure he’ll be swiftly unseated.