The Hack Is On At The Hackathon

The tables here at Pier 94 are full of enterprising hackers, swapping code and networking furiously. The Red Bull is flowing freely and snacks crunch underfoot — pigeons flit to and fro looking for crumbs and perhaps some seed funds. And it’s only just beginning.

The hacking will continue all night, punctuated by API demonstrations by the likes of Twitter, Qualcomm, and Google, and at 9:30 tomorrow morning the projects will be submitted. There are way more teams and individuals than our last Hackathon, which was already far larger than the one before. Fortunately, our new venue is very spacious — cavernous, even. They’ll need the space after the pizza arrives and things start getting over-savory.

Teams are still forming and projects coalescing, but the Hackathon lifestyle is already taking hold and the cans are piling up. Here are a few pictures from the early hours of the event, to be followed by interviews, demos, and the inevitable snoring hackers on air mattresses. You can add your own to the pool by tagging your tweets and photos with #tcdisrupt and #hackdisruptNYC2011, and you can always find more at the TechCrunch Flickr page.

Tomorrow morning at 10:30 is when the teams do their rapid-fire presentations and attempt to impress the judges. We’ll we wrapping up around 2:45 or 3, at which point one lucky project (the last Hackathon’s winner was WiseDame) will get a chance to compete with our Startup Battlefield companies on stage during Disrupt proper. The presentations are always entertaining, so be sure to tune into our live broadcast.