Social Music App SoundTracking Passes 250K Downloads

Launched at SXSW, social music app SoundTracking has announced its quarter of a million milestone today, surpassing 250K downloads in just six weeks after launch on the iPhone. With 100K downloads taking place in the app’s first two weeks of existence, SoundTracking is experiencing rapid growth for an iOS app without without a previous app or website to drive installs from. Another music sharing app, Play by AOL, has also hit 250,000 downloads in half the time on Android.

While founder Steve Jang wouldn’t disclose numbers of daily active users or users, he does tell me that over 50% of SoundTracking users are using the app to share their music moments on both Facebook and Twitter, which might explain the increased signups. It seems like every five minutes or so someone else is following the SoundTrack to my life.

The latest app update now allows people to search by user name and search for venues as well as ID and share songs that they’re listening to, and Jang tells me that he’s starting to see music and location interests graphs form on the site, “People are starting to use SoundTracking as a way to share music taste and experiences from the real-world with their social graphs. Just like photos have been important in the social space so has music. Music is something naturally that people get excited about, sort of like a universal language.”

SoundTracking is a part of Schematic Labs, which creates “entertainment apps for the real world.” Jang plans on creating more apps based on communities around tastes and is sniffing around the fashion/shopping space next.