3 Months To The First Million Users, Just 6 Weeks To The Second Million For Instagram

Back in late December of last year, we noted a huge milestone for photo-sharing app Instagram: a million users. As we noted at the time, remarkably, it took them only three months to hit the mark. That’s crazy when you consider it took Foursquare a full year to hit that mark. And it took Twitter two years! Well now Instagram’s insane growth has also been made to look small: by Instagram.

The service has just hit 2 million users. They tweeted the milestone earlier, and I’ve confirmed it with the company. This comes just six weeks after the million mark milestone.

Instagram’s size leading up to the important SXSW conference (which starts in a few weeks) has to intimidate rivals. But their rate of growth is now even more intimidating. And it’s crazy when you consider that they’re still iOS-only. And when I say that, you might think I mean they don’t have an Android app or a BlackBerry app, etc. And that’s all true. But they don’t even have a web presence that you can sign up at!

Well, not just yet, at least.

When this thing hits the web and then Android, it looks primed to explode. Though rival PicPlz, which has recently been pushing its Android version hard, may have something to say about that. The next SXSW war?