Delicious Founder Raises $3 Million For Tasty Labs' Take On Social Software

Earlier this month, we noted that Delicious founder Joshua Schachter, together with Nick Nguyen (the former director of add-ons for Mozilla) and Paul Rademacher, the ex-Googler known for creating “the first true Web 2.0 app”, was working on a new stealthy startup called Tasty Labs.

This morning, Union Square Ventures partner Albert Wenger revealed on his blog that the firm has invested in Tasty Labs together with Andreessen Horowitz and unnamed angel investors. It’s unclear how much Tasty Labs raised, but we’re trying to find out.

Update: an SEC filing shows the amount: $3 million (thanks, Dan Primack).

Oh, and according to this (new?) line on their intensely sparse website, they’re going to try and put “the useful back into social software” and looking for software engineers and UX designers in Silicon Valley to help them accomplish that goal.

Union Square Ventures of course knows Schachter well – they invested in Delicious back in 2005 (the company was acquired by Yahoo the same year). USV’s Wenger knows Schachter even better – he served as Delicious’ president prior to joining the venture capital firm.

Schachter left Yahoo in 2008 and joined Google in 2009, before leaving earlier this year.

Tasty Labs’ two other co-founders have built up quite some experience too. Rademacher just quit his engineering position at Google, and Nguyen (who has worked for Schachter at Delicious in the past, too) has just left his post at Mozilla.

It’ll be interesting to see what these guys come up with.