Hot Shot Vets From Google, Mozilla, Yahoo Cooking Up Stealth Treats At Tasty Labs

Earlier today, we noted that Paul Rademacher, the man known for creating “the first true Web 2.0 application”, was leaving his engineering job at Google after five years with the company. Now we know where he’s going. And it’s very interesting.

No, it’s not Facebook like seemingly every other Xoogler these days. Instead, he’s joining up with Joshua Schachter (the founder of Delicious) and Nick Nguyen (the former director of add-ons for Mozilla) to found Tasty Labs.

Schachter, who helped jumpstart the consumer Internet space in 2004 with Delicious, sold his company to Yahoo in 2005. He then left in 2008 and joined Google in 2009 before leaving earlier this year. Nguyen worked for Schachter at Delicious in the past and just left his post at Mozilla about ten days ago. Those two, along with Rademacher form a pretty hot shot team for whatever it is they’re doing.

I’m either going to launch an open source operating system for unmanned aerial vehicles, or build a first person shooter to teach non-violent solutions based on buddhist principles. Or a pet food review site,” Schachter told us in August when asked what he was working on. When reached for comment today, he confirmed that “pet food reviews is where the money is.. or a marketplace for used satellites.

Funny guy. In all seriousness though, Schachter does say they’re “definitely probably almost certainly not in the bookmarking space.” Given Rademacher’s expertise in Maps and Schachter’s recent angel investments in several location startups, that might not be a bad guess. Or maybe Schacter and Rademacher left Google because they wanted to build a social graph for the company and knew they couldn’t do it from within. Maybe they’ll do it from the outside and sell it back to the search giant in six months. Or maybe Schachter and Nguyen are secretly forming a new investment bank to buy Yahoo in six months and rip Delicious back from their claws. Tasty, Delicious, get it? Who knows.

You can find out basically nothing about Tasty Labs here.