It Gets Worse: Joshua Schachter Leaving Yahoo

We just got confirmation from Joshua Schachter, the founder of delicious, that he has decided to resign from Yahoo!. Mike Arrington just spoke to him and he said that the recent news coming out of Yahoo! pressed his decision to leave now. Joshua also said that the decision was made today, and that he has no future plans but will instead join the “gloriously unemployed.”

The development of the new version of delicious seems to have almost stalled within Yahoo, and Joshua cited recent frustrations with the process as playing a part in his resignation. We said a few weeks ago that Joshua’s time at the company may be running out, and we had all been waiting a long time for the new release of delicious.

Yahoo acquired delicious in December of 2005 and we broke the news here on TechCrunch. delicious is certainly one of my favorite web applications, and I have been a frequent user since its very early days. It was also one of the first companies profiled on TechCrunch, so Joshua leaving Yahoo (and delicious) brings an end to a very long era.

Yesterday we published a list of all those who had resigned recently from Yahoo, and since then we have been busy trying to keep it up to date as the news of further resignations continues to roll out. It has been a very bad time for Yahoo! recently, and things are only getting worse.

Photo credit: Javier Pedreira

Update: Schachter speaks up in the comments:

I was largely sidelined by the decisions of my management. So that was mostly the result rather than the cause, if that makes sense. It was an incredibly frustrating experience and I wish I was a lot more like Stewart [Butterfield] in terms of pushing my point of view.