The Incredible, Amazing, Brilliant, Wonderful, Jaw-Dropping Back To The Mac Keynote Video

Perhaps you missed Apple’s Back to the Mac event at their headquarters in Cupertino, CA last week. You know, the one where they showed off iLife ’11, a sneak peek at OS X Lion, and the new MacBook Air. You can watch the entire 90-minute presentation online for free now. But why do that when you can watch the entire thing in 104 seconds and get the key takeaways?

Okay, not really.

What you will get in the video below is a minute and a half of hilariously awesome superlatives. This is nothing new for Apple. And while this video and the ones that have come before it are cut to be funny, it also showcases something much more meaningful.

First, Apple employees from Steve Jobs on down are great salesmen who understand the importance of positive and enthusiastic language in a pitch. Second, this only works if the people doing the pitching really believe in what they are selling — or if they are really good at lying. With Apple, it really, truly, absolutely does seem to be the former. It’s remarkable. Incredible. Exciting. Amazing. Great. Brilliant. Jaw-dropping. Wonderful.