This Was Just Phase One Of Facebook's "Lockdown" — Redesign Still Coming

Last night, we noted that after a two-month “lockdown” Facebook was emerging with the fruits of their labor today. We heard that the likely result would be a site redesign, but obviously, that didn’t come. Instead, Facebook rolled out a few new features such as a way to download your information, a dashboard for connected apps, and, most notably, a completely revamped Groups feature. That being said, the redesign is still coming, we hear. And it shouldn’t be too long.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg kicked off the event today by acknowledging that they have been in what they call “lockdown” for several weeks. And he indicated that the result of it would be several new launches over the coming weeks and months. One of those will be a redesign, which is meant to unify the look of the site.

If you look at it right now, Facebook has a few different types of looks. Profile pages are different from Places pages and the new Groups pages, for example. Soon, they will all look like Groups and Places, which are Facebook’s two newest products. The tabs you see on your current profile will be replaced by a left-hand nav, we hear. Facebook Chat should also move over the the left-hand side of the screen. And there will likely be several other subtle tweaks to make everything look the same.

So, we apologize for the lockdown redesign premature alarm — but look for it in the coming weeks. And depending on how much you use Groups and Places, it shouldn’t be too drastic.