Facebook Launches A Dashboard For Your Connected Apps

Today, at Facebook’s product announcement, founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a new dashboard for users that will allow Facebook members to see how many sites and applications they’ve allowed to access their personal data through the network and Facebook Connect.

It’s actually a brilliant idea. With more than 1 million sites using Facebook connect and hundreds of thousands of Facebook apps, it can be easy to lose track of what personal information apps have access to.

The dashboard, which will be available in your Privacy Settings, shows three major pieces of information. First, the dashbaord shows the permissions the app has access to within your social graph. Second, the dashboard will let you manage the permissions that apps have over time, so you can restrict apps from being able to access certain parts of your information or restrict actions (i.e. posting on your wall). Lastly, the dashboard will show you a detailed access log of what API calls each app is using.

For example, you could restrict an App from being able to post information on your wall. Or you could remove an application completely from within the dashboard. With the heightened concern of privacy on the social network, a dashboard that empowers users to have control over their personal information accessed by Facebook apps will no doubt be a popular feature.