Digg Tries To Bring Back Inactive Users From The Dead

It looks like Digg is trying to resurrect inactive users, according to an email sent to us by a reader. Apparently Digg sent out the email to users in hopes of trying to get those who are inactive back to the site. As the email states, “Come Alive On Digg. A Lot Has Changed Since You Were Last On Digg. Resurrect Yourself.”

It could be a joke alluding to Halloween, which is just around the corner. But even if it is a play on the upcoming holiday, the image is a little morbid considering the recent course of events for Digg. Since Digg launched its new site design in August, the site has been plagued with trouble, including backlash from users, downtime and an executive shuffle. According to ComScore, Digg’s U.S. unique visitors dropped from 14.3 million in January to 8.8 million in August.

Digg’s Kevin Rose took the stage recently at TechCrunch Disrupt last week, admitting that he’s made a lot of mistakes but also seemed optimistic about future product enhancements.