Move Over Fail Whale, Digg 4's Got A Fail Ox

If you’ve been on the new Digg at all in the past day or so you’re probably already familiar with the above “Fail Ox” image, especially if you’re trying to use Digg search. The image is new, and is the result of Digg designer Tyson Rosage‘s obsession with the old school computer game The Oregon Trail.

Digg’s Kevin Rose told TechCrunch and Twitter last night that Digg experienced over 1 million unique visits on its launch day (the site has been averaging about 8.7 million unique visits per month, according to Comscore) as well as “a handful of new bugs.”

“We hope to have all the major issues fixed in the next 24hrs,” says Rose, which might affect the ubiquity of the “404” page. Consensus among users I’ve talked to is that the site seems to be moving forward from the scaling issues it had yesterday both in terms of speed and in terms of frequency of “Fail Oxen.”

Hey, having a twee “something is broken” image seems to have worked out for Twitter.