Paperlinks Brings QR Codes To Event Invitations

Online stationary startup Paperspring is bringing QR codes to event invitations today with the launch of Paperlinks. A “Paperlink” is a customized QR barcode that can be scanned with a smartphone to allow invitees access to everything from photos and videos to registries and detailed event information.

QR Codes, which is short for Quick Response (because they can be read quickly by a mobile phone through its camera), are used to take a piece of information from a transitory media and put it in to your cell phone – this can be links, videos, text, photos and more. Most modern mobile phones can convert the codes and there are applications out there for smartphones that don’t support native QR code as well.

Paperlinks QR codes are printed with each order of cards, linking the card recipient to a custom site where they have access to individualized landing pages where visitors can access more information about the event. The codes can be accessed through the Paperlinks iPhone app.

Event planners can create the QR codes while creating an invitation on Paperlinks. Customers then receive their Paperlinks-enabled stationery with a Paperlink QR code printed on the back of each card. Recipients can scan the Paperlink with their smartphone app, sending them directly to an interface within the app, where they can access additional surprise content. Alternatively, recipients without the app can type the website address into their browser and access the same content. Recipients can RSPV to an event from the app or the web.

While QR codes are still a growing feature in terms of adoption, Google and Facebook, and Microsoft seem to be experimenting with the technology so it could be something that becomes more mainstream.