Twitter Photo Sharing Site TwitPic Launches Labs To Showcase Side Projects

Twitter media sharing site TwitPic has launched TwitPic Labs, a place where the startup is showcasing side projects from the team. TwitPic says that the main offering will continue to act as a simple way to share photos on Twitter, but labs is a way to show the community extra features for the application. And the projects are also a showcase for the TwitPic API, encouraging developers to use the API in innovative ways.

For example, TwitPic Labs now includes a way to take a photo and automatically make it your Twitter profile image. And TwitPic Gallery lets you browse photos taken by any user in a gallery-like format as opposed to within a timeline.

Earlier this week, TwitPic’s founder Noah Everett announced his new stealth startup Heello. Details are sparse on the startup but we know the eventual product aims to “make communication easier.”

As we wrote previously, TwitPic most recently sparred with blogging platform Posterous over the latter startup’s “Rescue your photos from TwitPic” tool that provided users with a one-click way to import TwitPic photos over to their Posterous blog. It looks like the two companies may have been able to sort things out. Perhaps TwitPic labs will enact revenge by launching an image import tool from Posterous.