"Lawyers Are Expensive. We Can Be Friends." (@Posterous To @TwitPic)

As you may have read yesterday, TwitPic and Posterous are currently in a row after the latter introduced a “Rescue your photos from TwitPic” tool that provides users with a one-click way to import TwitPic photos over to their Posterous blog.

TwitPic isn’t into the idea and reportedly sent the Posterous team a letter last week threatening legal action against the company if they launched it.

Posterous co-founder Sachin Agarwal told us TwitPic’s claims are bogus, and that “Posterous is simply acting as an agent to the user who owns the photos”. TwitPic for its part seems most concerned about Posterous’ methods for accessing data.

But maybe lawyers won’t be necessary, after all. Check out this tweet from Agarwal, sent to TwitPic founder Noah Everett about half an hour ago (via @cdixon):

“Hey @noaheverett: if you’d like to discuss data portability, please email me. sachin@posterous.com. Lawyers are expensive. We can be friends”

Wouldn’t it be swell if an actual lawsuit was diverted thanks to that tweet?

Are you watching this, @HTC, @Nokia and @ceoSteveJobs (yes, I know it’s a fake)?