Twitpic Founder Announces Stealth 'Communications' Startup Heello

Noah Everett, the founder of Twitter photo sharing site Twitpic has launched a new site today, called Heello. Details are sparse on the startup, which draws its name from the greeting ‘Hello,’ but according to a blog post on the new site, the site aims to “make communication easier.”

The post says that Heello will be launching a series of products around this goal soon. Everett says that Heello will resolve issues and problems he encountered when running Twitpic. Heello will also offer internal tools and systems to businesses, including customer support/human resource tools and a technology platform, whatever that is. Heello will have a nonprofit arm as well.

It looks like we’ll have to wait some time before we find out more about the startup and its products but it should be interesting to see what sort of issues Everett and his team have confronted while running Twitpic and how Heello resolves these problems. TwitPic most recently sparred with blogging platform Posterous over the latter startup’s “Rescue your photos from TwitPic” tool that provided users with a one-click way to import TwitPic photos over to their Posterous blog. It looks like the two companies may have been able to sort things out.

UPDATE: Everett responded to our inquiry for more information about Heello. Everett says “Everything we’re working on right now is under wraps for now, but mostly everything we’re building helps people communicate better. We’re going to remain unfunded for now and as the blog post said this is something I want to build and run long-term.”