LeBron Tweets, Blames Chris Paul For Making Him Sign Up

Here it is, the first tweet from LeBron James. No, he’s not saying where he’s going — at least not yet.

Instead, James uses his first tweet to acknowledge that it’s really him (though Twitter still hasn’t verified the account, I suspect they will soon), and notes that it was fellow NBA star Chris Paul who got him to sign up. Here’s the tweet:

Hello World, the Real King James is in the Building “Finally”. My Brother @oneandonlycp3 gas’d me up to jump on board so I’m here. Haaaa

James has already shot up to 90,000 followers, up from 50,000 just a couple hours ago. Again, expect that number to surge as the world awaits his decision on where he’ll sign to play next.

Update: And now it’s verified.