Video: An EVO 4G Salesman Confronts An iPhone 4 Shopper (NSFW)

The iPhone 4 vs. the EVO 4G. It’s the battle of our time. Or, at least, it was until Verizon unveiled the Droid X, thus continuing the cycle of Android phones one-upping one another from week to week. But regardless, iPhone 4 vs. EVO 4G is an interesting battle — at least among fanboys of the iPhone and Android platforms. And now there’s a great video to personify it.

The video below may look familiar to those who saw the awesome I Will Honor The Embargo video (created by TechCrunch Europe Contributing Editor Steve O’Hear) — both were made using the Xtranormal text-to-movie technology.

Without further ado, an iPhone shopper walks into a store… (Warning: the video has plenty of NSFW language — especially towards the end)

Update: And here’s the rebuttal.


[thanks Aditya]