Apple Carves Out A Special App Store Area For "Awesome iOS 4 Apps"

By now, many of you have your new iPhone 4s. And even more of you have an iPhone equipped with the latest iOS 4 software. So you want to find the apps tailored to run on it, right? Well, now Apple has a section of the App Store for that.

Apple has singled out 36 apps that it dubs “Awesome iOS 4 Apps” to get you started with the new OS. Not surprisingly, they highlight many of the ones we highlighted last weekend right before the OS came out. Included here are are apps such as Pandora, Dropbox, Twitter, Loopt, How To Cook Everything, and GodFinger.

Also included is the first app to take advantage of the gyroscope found in the iPhone 4 — Eliminate: GunRange by ngmoco. And naturally, Apple is highlighting its own iMovie app as well (which is also iPhone 4 only, sadly).

Hopefully this list will grow quickly as developers get their iOS 4 apps in. They’re clearly coming in quickly as excellent apps such as Instapaper have already been approved as well.