More Product Housekeeping At Digg: Kalmikoff And Howard Out The Door

A month ago Digg cofounder Kevin Rose took back control of his company. 13 or so employees were let go, and Rose promised some “crazy shit” product-wise to be announced sometime soon.

More heads are rolling at Digg as the company struggles to reinvent itself. Well known designer Jeffrey Kalmikoff was let go, we confirmed, just months after he moved cross-country to work at Digg. And long time Director of Product Chris Howard is gone as well.

Digg is clearly trying to form the core product team moving forward to create a more customized Digg that will appeal to a larger audience. Old baggage, no matter how talented, is being thrown out for new employees with a different way of thinking about things. Will it work? We’ll all be waiting impatiently. But we believe the biggest obstacle to Digg’s success may be Rose himself. More on that in my next post.