Kevin Rose Says Digg Is Going To Launch Some "Crazy Sh*t." We're Not So Sure

So far Digg founder Kevin Rose has been pretty quiet about his new role as CEO of Digg. But he and cohost Alex Albrecht opened up a little on the most recent Diggnation podcast.

iPads in hand, Kevin and Alex thanked outgoing CEO Jay Adelson for all his hard work, and then Rose said he’s “excited to make sure Digg will kick some ass” going forward. “There’s going to be some crazy shit to announce” over the next six months, he says, although the only product changes he talked about specifically were the killing off of the Diggbar, and he says he wants a Digg iPad application. Not exactly earth shattering stuff.

He didn’t talk much about the new version of Digg, now massively behind schedule and getting more so every day. Please, Kevin, accept my invitation to sit down with us on video to talk about the future of Digg. It was just about a year ago that we talked about Digg’s serious plans to get back in the game. iPad apps are great, but there has to be more to the plan than that.