Moblin + Maemo + Linux Foundation = MeeGo

Intel’s had their Moblin mobile Linux distribution for some time. Nokia’s had their Maemo Linux distribution for awhile, too. Neither one really gained much traction in the development community. Along comes Google and everyone’s like “OMG Android!!1” which must’ve really ticked off Intel and Nokia. In an effort to create a Linux distribution suited for new mobile devices — not just phones — Intel and Nokia are teaming up with the Linux Foundation to create MeeGo.

Yet another Linux distribution, right? Stifle that yawn for just a little longer, and read what Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin has to say:

I’d like to point out four key advantages to MeeGo:

Personally, I think this makes a lot of sense. Shepherding a Linux distribution is hard work. It takes a lot of effort to build and maintain a vibrant developer community, and it takes a certain attitude to really drive an open source project. It’s never been clear to me that Intel or Nokia really got it when it came to the Linux mindset. By moving their Linux efforts under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation, MeeGo should have a much better chance of survival, and should be a real contender against Android for future devices.

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