Collecta Offers A Real-Time View Into MySpace

The buzz around realtime search of social networks has mostly surrounded Twitter and Facebook. Collecta, OneRiot and the search giants, including Microsoft, Google and Yahoo all tap into Twitter (and Facebook too) to capture the realtime stream of content. But MySpace is also getting into the game, recently releasing a set of real-time APIs that both OneRiot and Google will be tapping into to provide content from the social network. Today, real-time search engine Collecta has launched a search platform that offers a real-time view into MySpace.

Based on Collecta’s Site Search Platform and the MySpace real-time stream API, the search portal indexes the collection of public comments, photos, links, and videos that are shared throughout the social network. Both MySpace users and non-users can perform real-time searches on any topic, and the search engine pushes out content the moment it has been published and lets users filter their result streams based on content type (videos, photos, blog comments, articles, updates). Each result includes the poster’s ‘mood’, giving insight to the emotion of the content.

While MySpace’s traffic no longer reaches the breadth of rival Facebook, the social network still offers a good amount of publicly-shared content about what’s happening on the web, especially surrounding music. In the future, MySpace public content will be incorporated into’s standalone search engine which aggregates content from Twitter, news sites, blogs and more and lets you share the content as well. Launched last June, Collecta has raised $1.85 million in funding from True Ventures and Campbell were the investors. The company was co-founded by Jack Moffitt, Brian Zisk, and Patrick Mahoney.