MySpace To Push Updates To Google In Realtime

Screen shot 2009-12-07 at 10.20.07 AM“Realtime” is the hot buzzword right now, and Google and MySpace appear set to further it along with a new agreement that will see Google serve up search results from MySpace in realtime. What these means is that all publicly available data that’s on MySpace will be available to Google within seconds, we’ve learned. This will include not only status updates, but also elements like pictures and blog posts as well, apparently.

And this data won’t just be available to Google, but anyone using the MySpace Developer Platform. But Google is the first, and obviously largest, partner to implement this (which may take some time to implement, we’ve heard). For Google, this deal comes at a time shortly after they announced a partnership with Twitter to pull in tweet data as well. Meanwhile, rival Microsoft was able to secure deals with Twitter and Facebook for Bing.

Google clearly wants access to any kind of data it can get its hands on, so this MySpace deal is another good move for them. However, since MySpace has been eclipsed by Facebook as the largest social network, Bing’s Facebook data will likely be more valuable from a searching perspective.

For MySpace, this comes at a time when rumors are swirling that they might integrate Facebook Connect on their site in a major way — a bold move, obviously. It’s not clear how something like that would affect the data being pushed to Google with this new deal. MySpace also recently synced up its status updates with Twitter.

This deal is also interesting considering the Google’s search deal with MySpace, a nice chunk of revenue for the company, is set to expire next year. MySpace hasn’t said much on the deal, but new CEO Owen Van Natta has noted that losing one deal wouldn’t make or break the company.

This new feature is expected to be demoed at Google’s Search event today. You can find our live notes for that here.