Collecta Now Lets You Share Your Search Results In Realtime

Realtime search for the most part is still mostly about searching Twitter. So it is probably a good idea for fledgling realtime search engines to make it easy to share specific Tweets found in the search results back on Twitter. Since most of the results are Tweets, and search is just another form of navigation and discovery when it comes to the realtime stream, you want to be able to retweet directly from your search results.

OneRiot already does this, and today Collecta is adding a similar sharing feature. Although, Collecta also lets you share any result on Facebook, Mixx, Reddit, Delicious, and Stumbleupon as well (but, oddly, not on Digg). Collecta launched last June.

In addition to sharing individual results, you can also share the entire search by clicking on “Share this search” under the search term in the left-hand column to pass the link around for your specific query. For instance, here is what people are saying right now about the death of Edward Kennedy.

You normally wouldn’t think about sharing regular search results other than as a link, but realtime results operate under a different dynamic. Collecta’s results also now include a little avatar in front of each one, giving it more of a social feel, and making it more familiar to Twitter users. Is this search or a new way to navigate the stream?

With realtime search, you are mining the conversations around the Web, tapping into the collective consciousness. So each result should be a jumping off point to start a new conversation.