Google Wave Is Easier To Understand Than…


As we’ve noted several times, Google Wave is a service that is fairly hard to explain. And for many people, it’s also hard to understand. That seems somewhat reasonable given that it’s trying to be a new form of communication and that it is still very early in its life span. But just how hard is it to understand? A new website brilliantly takes a look. pits Wave against the other hard-to-understand aspects of life. On the site, you are given a picture of Wave and a picture of something else and asked to click on which is easier to understand. Wave’s competition includes: Metaphysics, the end of Donnie Darko, Ozzy Osbourne, Death, osmotic pressure, cardiothoracic surgery, the health care-reform bill, Google Fast Flip, and even Sarah Palin.

Humorously, Google Wave loses to all of those. As of right now, it is beating very few topics. They include: Women, Scientology, the United States Tax code, Chinese telegraph code, Microsoft Visio 2004, and Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.

Users are welcome to submit other topics to put up again Wave in the competition. But the best part of the site has to be the elevator music-version of Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated” playing in a loop in the background.

Update: Here’s another awesome tidbit about the site. I have it on very good authority that it was built by a Facebook employee. It’s not clear if this was just one employee acting alone, or if can be viewed as how Facebook looks at Google Wave. Which is to say, down on it.

And now we know why we have the little “Not affiliated with any company” at the bottom.

Update 2: Okay, it was just one employee. Conspiracy theorists can rest easy. Maybe.

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