Video: 3.5% Of Google Wave Explained

So now that some of you have your Google Wave invites (I know not all of you, I don’t even have one for my personal account yet, if it’s any consolation), and we’ve gotten some of that inevitable backlash out of our system, it’s time to figure out just what Google Wave is. And more importantly, what it will be used for.

I tried to answer that on TV the other day, but the truth is that as a new communication medium, it’s hard to describe exactly what Wave is. It’s kind of like email meets instant messaging meets real-time sharing and collaboration, but even that description is lacking. Eventually, if Wave takes off, it’s probably one of those things that will just be understood for being what it is, even if no one can really describe it by relating it to something else.

That said, the video below does a pretty good job explaining a potential use case for Wave. And what’s most impressive is that this video wasn’t created by Google, but rather by a third-party, Epipheo Studios. If you have no idea why you would want to use Wave (at least 3.5% of it), or what you could use it for, this is worth a watch.


[thanks Ben]