Reznor Bites The Hand That Feeds, Deletes His Twitter Account

picture-120The drama between Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor and Twitter continues. Well, actually, it may be over for real this time, as Reznor has deleted his Twitter account.

Last month, we noted that Reznor was half-quitting the service, as he was fed up with trolls using aspects about his personal life that he was too open about, against him. Reznor said no more personal updates would be coming, but said he would keep the account open to still get relevent NIN information out there. Apparently, he doesn’t want to do that anymore either.

It’s an interesting move as many artists and celebrities seem to be tripping over themselves to set up Twitter accounts (or having their assistants/PR people do it) as a way to get more publicity. While it was clear that Reznor was legitimately using his own account to provide insights into his life, he also used it to get word out about his concerts and his music. Twitter is becoming an increasingly popular way of doing things like that.

Not that Reznor has ever cared about what’s popular, or is best from a marketing standpoint. He has long stood up against the big music labels that he considers to be greedy, and freely offers advice for any artists to sell (or give away) their own music on the web.

Reznor also had a bit of a falling out with Apple recently, after they rejected an update to his iPhone app for a ridiculous reason. But that was eventually resolved. This spat with Twitter, doesn’t look like it will be anytime soon.

As silly as all of this may sound, there is a real issue here: Famous people sharing their personal lives in a very public forum. While it’s nice to think that they can give mundane updates about their love lives like the rest of us, there are no shortage of creepy people out there on the web who will try to exploit that information. Reznor apparently found that out the hard way.  And now he’s gone.