I Will Not Post That Twitter Is Down, I Will Not Post That Twitter Is Down, I Will…

picture-7-300x242Alright, because you’ve demanded it, here’s the post about Twitter being down. Yes, Twitter is down. Yes, it will be down for the next hour or so. Yes, it was scheduled. Actually, this one is interesting because it was rescheduled, apparently at the behest of the U.S. government which wanted to make sure the communication regarding the protests in Iran over the election could go on without interruption.

And here’s our favorite tip that Twitter is down so far:

You’re TechCrunch. You probably already know. But just in case, Twitter is down right now.

For the record, I’m just completing Step 7 of MG’s 15 things to do while Twitter is down list.

You remember that list right? If not, check it out.

[well played, Timmy]