F**ked Company And Adbrite Founder Launches Twitter Dating Site Flirt140

Philip “Pud” Kaplan, founder of FuckedCompany and Adbrite, is adding another Twitter application to his name. He recently created both Tweetname, a domain name registering site and Fast140, a Twitter speed typing game. Now Pud is launching Flirt140, a flirting and dating site for Twitter.

A free service, Flirt140 allows you to search for Twitter users by gender, geographic area and keyword. The site uses oAuth to connect to your Twitter account. Kaplan says a proprietary algorithm is used to determine gender of Twitter users and claims that it’s pretty accurate.

Flirt140 also allows members to send direct messages to anyone on Twitter, whether they are following each other or not. Kaplan says that because of Twitter’s popularity, Flirt140 could rival the reach of the world’s largest dating site, Match.com. According to its site, Match currently has 15 million single users in 37 countries.

Kaplan also started Kaplan Index, a stealth startup that will focus on the employment space.