Tweetname Lets You Find And Purchase Domain Names Via Twitter. Oh, Pud.

Finding and registering an available domain name just became even easier. Now you can do it via Twitter thanks to Tweetname. Founder Philip Kaplan (aka “Pud,” the former CEO of AdBrite) argues that Tweetname makes domain purchasing much simpler than going through other domain registrars like GoDaddy, which requires you to actually go its site. In truth, it is not that complicated but Tweetname aims to make domain registering Tweet-simple. You set it up once and then it does all the work for you.

Once you log into Tweetname for the first time, the site uses OAuth to connect to your Twitter account. You fill out your credentials, including name, address, credit card info, billing info and then Tweetname automatically follows you and arranges for you to follow Tweetname.

After this is set up, you can Tweet a potential domain name via a direct message to Tweetname, and Tweetname within seconds will let you know if it is available (“Success!”) or not (“D’oh”), and will purchase and register the domain for you. Domains, which can be registered under .com .net .org .us .name .biz .info, cost $14.95. You then get an email with all the information about where you can manage the domain. Tweetname provides users a free interface where they can manage their domains, set up email addresses, set up url forwarding, and so on.

UPDATE: Kaplan tells us that after seeing the comments on this post, he has dropped the price of the domains to $11.95 per year.

Here’s a instructional video that shows how Tweetname works: