Engadget: 14 Million Page Views On Tuesday, Says Internal Email

Engadget seems to be rocking along even after the departure last month of editor-in-chief Ryan Block.

According to an internal AOL email that was forwarded to us, the blog had 14 million page views from 1.3 million unique visitors on Tuesday, when Apple made new Macbook announcements. 6.4 million of those page views were served in one hour. This was the highest traffic day ever for the site.

Earlier this week Engadget was named the official blog of CES.

The full email:

—- Original Message —–
From: Brad Hill
Sent: Thu Oct 16 00:15:39 2008
Subject: [WINS Staff] Oct 14: Record day

Hi everyone,

A quick note on a big event — Tuesday was historic for Weblogs, Inc.,
an all-time record-breaking traffic day for the network and Engadget.
Driven by Josh Topolsky’s liveblog of the Steve Jobs laptop event,
Engadget served an amazing 14mm pageviews, and blasted out 6.4mm of
those in a single hour. One can only imagine what CES is going to be
like in January. Engadget had 1.3mm uniques on Tuesday.

WIN as a whole served 23.9 pageviews to 3.4 uniques, an all-time high.

WoW Insider had an amazing day: 2.8mm pageviews.

TUAW did not attend the Jobs event in person, but meta-blogged it to
the tune of 639k pageviews.

We are breaking monthly pageview records even after transferring the
traffic rollups of nine blogs to other departments over the summer.

Congratulations and many thanks to everyone!