Memories Of Gizmodogate: CES Names Engadget As Official Blog Partner

The Consumer Electronics Association, which runs the CES conference each year in Las Vegas, has never had an offical blog partner. But they do now, and it’s AOL’s Engadget: “The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) selected Engadget as the Official Blog Partner of the 2009 International CES to be held January 8-11, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada,” AOL says in a press release.

This doesn’t mean much – or anything – when it comes to covering the event. Engadget, along with all blogs and media that cover gadget-related news (see our own CrunchGear), has always had a strong presence at CES, and will do so again this year. But it is a stamp of approval for Engadget, which is the largest gadget-focused blog with 3.4 million unique monthly visitors (Comscore worldwide, August 2008).

And it’s definitely a slap to no. 2 Gizmodo, which was embroiled in controversy last year when Gizmodo blogger Richard Blakeley used a TV-B-Gone remote control to turn off exhibitor’s TVs during demos. Blakey was permanently banned from future CES events.

But whatever the reason for naming Engadget the official blog of CES, it’s certainly a sign of the increasing acceptance of blogs at mainstream events, and a recognition of the huge audience they bring.

Engadget is also launching three new international versions of its blog – Korea, Poland and Germany.