Engadget Chief Ryan Block Confirms Resignation, To Start New Company With Peter Rojas

Ryan Block confirms our previous story that he’s stepping down from the top spot at gadget blog Engadget.

He will be launching an as-yet-to-be-named startup with Peter Rojas, Engadget’s former editor-in-chief (pictured left, next to Block), focusing on the consumer electronics space. We’ve speculated that the new site may be called Devixe and may include forum and social networking features. We’ve also heard that it will have a strong editorial component.

So who’s taking over Engadget? Block’s no. 2 Josh Fruhlinger takes over AOL Tech network, including Switched, TUAW, Download Squad, and the Engadget network. Associate Editor Joshua Topolsky will be Engadget’s new editor in chief.