Clarion's new dashtop nav system learns how badly you drive

[photopress:clarion_highend_thumb.jpg,full,center] Now this is a little different. Clarion’s got a new dash-top GPS computer with a 30GB HD that, along with maps for everyplace you’d want

Do "undocumented" OSX tweaks give Apple apps an advantage?

Vladimir, one of the coders working on Firefox 3, was having some trouble overcoming a few performance issues in the builds. He did a little investigation, resulting in the chart above and others, and

Technorati To Launch Blogger Advertising Network

Through a variety of sources we’ve confirmed that Technorati is making plans for a major shift in its going forward strategy, and is also considering a number of corporate development transactio

Google CTR Down Due To Click Area Changes

After Google’s stock took a hit based on reports that Google ads are not being clicked on as much as they use to be, comScore is reporting today that the market may have got it wrong the evidenc

Beatles now on American Idol, iTunes-bound soon?

[photopress:btunesart.jpg,full,center] Beatles songs will now be on American Idol, which is now on iTunes. Clearly the natural line of progression is to proclaim that the Beatles catalogue is one step

Will people still respect iPhone and iPod Touch in the morning after the SDK launches?

[photopress:steve_jobs_iphone_opens_up.jpg,full,left]So here we are less than a week away from the release of the iPhone/iPod Touch SDK from Apple, and already people are getting cranky. The good peop

CrunchBoard This Week

Looking for a job? We’re here to help. Over 40 positions in technology have been posted to CrunchBoard since we wrote about it last week. Your dream job could be in there somewhere. Here’s

Phorm might be onto something

Since behavioural targeting company Phorm launched recently I’ve looked at the ins-and-outs of the system and it does look pretty interesting. Phorm is basically an add-on service for an ISP whi

White PS3 already in retailer's stockroom?

[photopress:whiteps33.jpg,full,center] A Circuit City employee discovered that new PS3 shipments have the CECHH01 model number. For those playing at home, that model number corresponds to the white PS

Ask May Dump Teoma For Google, Layoff 100 People

Ask is rumored to be considering switching to Google for search and subsequently downsizing its engineering team. According to Silicon Alley Insider, Ask may abandon or selling its Teoma search engine

Paramount's last HD DVD releases due next week; There Will Be Blood on Blu-ray

[photopress:twbbbr.jpg,full,right] There may be blood, but it won’t be on HD DVD. Paramount clarified earlier reports concerning its upcoming HD DVD release schedule. The final two HD DVD releas

Grateful Dead coming to Rock Band

Clear the haze (from your bong), tweak your back (for an acid trip), and put down those hippie sticks (do you guys know what those were called? I forget), Deadheads. A handful of GD tracks are hitting

Zenith El Primero Xtreme Tourbillon ZERO-G WTF

Zenith is a well known and respected house in the world of horology. They made the first automatic chronograph and fell on hard times during the quartz crisis of the 1980s. They came back recently wit

RIM patents slide-out QWERTY

We haven’t covered patents in quite some time, simply because companies patent everything and that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll ever produce them, but this patent filed by RIM se

Marcus Fenix spills the beans on GoW 2

[photopress:800px_Johndimaggio.jpg,full,pp_image] You may know voice actor John DiMaggio from hit cartoons such as Futurama where he’s the voice of the lovable robot, Bender. Speaking of which,

Microsoft May Buy Email Startup Xobni

Microsoft has been in acquisition discussions with email startup Xobni, we’ve confirmed through multiple sources. The company, which launched at the TechCrunch40 conference last year, currently

Movies: Iron Man trailer This trailer isn’t new new (I saw it maybe a month ago before I Am Legend), but it was recently put up on IGN and if you haven’t seen it, now’s yo proves widgets work – but do the Brits get it?

CBS-owned says 3rd party web widgets hooked into its API added 19 million music users to its user base in January, in addition to the 21 million active users accessing the service through the

TechCrunch UK & Ireland Jobs board now open

After a period involving a few technical issues, I’m happy to report that the TechCrunch UK & Ireland jobs board, otherwise known as CrunchBoard, is now open for business. As a special openi

Consumer habits make cellphone designers go crazy

[photopress:phonedesign.jpg,full,right] How many times do you say to yourself, “All I want is a phone that works”? So you wonder why companies don’t take that into consideration. The
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