SynapseLife Taking eBay Exit

Synapse Corporate Solutions has decided to sell off its productivity suite, SynapseLife, by putting it up on eBay yesterday. It therefore enters the TechCrunch Deadpool of dead or dying companies.

The auction has started at $50,000. The eBay auction has become a cheap way for small companies to make an exit or sell of their lagging technology (see Kiko and Zookoda). SynapseLife has had a tough time, being sandwiched between more robust productivity management applications like Zimbra, Scrybe, and even the hipper Goowy.

Co-founder Daniel Rust says the sell off is so they can move away from the competitive corporate solutions market and focus on their Down2Night nightlife SMS alert product. Down2Night alerts users to special events and deals happening at venues in their area (currently only for San Francisco and Seattle).

The company’s team of 4, along with some sub-contractors, has been working on SynapseLife since last July. The value of the sale will mostly be attributed to the application’s technology, but the service has also attracted 4,500 users.