Scrybe Syncing Calendar Has Launched In Beta

Scrybe, the online/offline calendar and organizer with the awesome YouTube demo video we wrote about earlier this month, has launched into beta tonight. We’ve kicked the tires and can report that the parts of the service available now do deliver as advertised (see video again below). Accounts are being opened slowly but hopefully Scrybe won’t leave too many disappointed in the short term. It’s impressive and we hope that the full functionality comes online soon.

For some people this will be very important: it’s not Ajax or Java – it’s Flash. Flash continues its march towards world domination, if it’s not there already.

The basic idea is that the application can be worked with in a browser offline and automatically syncs up whenever you get back online. You can copy and paste list items from Word and Excel documents into Scrybe. There’s a whole lot of smooth zooming in and out and many things can be moved by drag and drop. The UI is almost as smooth as the demo makes it appear, though it would be nice if things shifted or resized to fit the browser window.

A number of features have not yet launched, most notably the bookmarks, the global times display and data export. (Correction: global times have in fact been implemented.) Just a few hours into launch, though, the company has proven that it can bring to market a very fluid, multi-feature product that bridges the online/offline gap very nicely.