The YourMinis Do-It-All Flash Homepage

YourMinis is a Flash-based customizable homepage product that will compete for users with a number of similar products that use Ajax – Netvibes, Pageflakes, Google, and more. This was launched by a startup called Goowy, which created a flash-based productivity suite (email, calendar, IM, etc.) last year – see here for our Goowy coverage.

Goowy CEO Alex Bard gave me a demo of the product at the Web 2.0 Summit this week. YourMinis is a solid product, offering completely customizable modules like RSS feeds, Flickr photos, YouTube videos, POP Email, etc. Users can create multiple tabs to better organize information, and any tab can be turned into a public URL and shared with friends. They have also published an API and allow third parties to create modules which will be available to all users.

YourMinis also has a browser extension that makes it easier to add information to the site. Videos, photos and RSS feeds can added to a user’s YourMinis page by simply clicking on a button added to the browser. This is particularly useful for subscribing to RSS feeds – a module is automatically added to YourMinis based on the auto-discovered feed.

There are other interesting features on the site as well that are worth exploring, and YourMinis is certainly a showcase for what can be done with Flash.