What Is The Definition Of A Blog?

Yesterday Google posted the yearly stats for the Official Google Blog. Not bad – 294 posts, 7.6 million unique visitors and 15 million page views. Technorati ranks the Google Blog as the 16th la

Here's Your One Post: FedEx Woke Me Up While I Was Hungover For This:

FedEx woke me up. Saturday delivery. I was hungover as hell. I opened the package to find a T-Mobile Motorola Dolce & Gabbana RAZR. So before I threw up and drank a cup of coffee, I made this unpa

RawSugar In DeadPool

RawSugar (the site is currently down), a company with offices in Israel and Silicon Valley, is closing shop (also reported by Steve Rubel and Rafael Sidi) and will enter the TechCrunch DeadPool. RawSu

Google's Tipping Point

Taken in a vacuum, a fairly trivial thing happened a few days ago. The co-founder of Firefox, Blake Ross, wrote a post criticizing Google called “Tip: Trust is hard to gain, easy to lose“.

Daily Crunch: Scorcher Edition

Air Dry That Sh*t…Not Ha Ha Ha Ha! Lets Go! Rider Kick! LG’s Latest And Greatest (well maybe not greatest)

Which Superhero Are You?

Geeks definitely love comic books and superheroes, and that’s why this simple site that tells you what superhero you are based on a few questions has seen over 12 million hits since it launched.

Reader Response: Holiday SPECTACULAR Days 04/05

I’ve been jamming out to Man Man and doing nothing productive today, because let’s face it, there isn’t really anything to report today. We almost nothing. We do still have two more

Ergonomic Roundup at CrunchGear

As techies, there are few components that affect our bodies as heavily as our chairs. Sitting in a chair for countless hours every day has a notable impact on our bodies. A crappy chair can cause imme

Air Dry That Sh*t…Not

For any surfers, divers, watermen/women in the CG audience Hangair has a pretty bitchin way to dry your wetty. If you’re like me then the thought of pulling on a damp wetsuit in the morning when

Lets Go! Rider Kick!

Straight outta Japan, where else…seriously, in commemoration of Kamen Rider’s 35th anniversary Zippo has released a very limited edition, 100 total sets, set of lighters to celebrate how m

LG's Latest And Greatest (well maybe not greatest)

Another new mobile from LG launched under Cyon in Korea. The LG SB190 boasts DMB and GPS services via Nate Drive along with a 1.3 megapixel camera, mp3 playback and a few other goodies Cetizen didn&#8

My Cool Friend The iHolic

Korea’s Dacos has launched a new mp3 player with DMB support. I know I know, we can’t get it here so why even bother telling you about it. Because I like to irritate you all at work! That&

Performancing Blogging Plugin Now ScribeFire

When PayPerPost announced the acquisition of most of the Performancing assets earlier this week, a lot of people asked about the future of the popular Performancing blogging plugin, which wasn’t

Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Nothing makes us cringe more than a gadget getting beaten up or destroyed. However, this Tickle Me Elmo doll that looks like a Private in Vietnam being torched with napalm keeps laughing after it beco

iTunes Music Store iPod Games Are Cracked

So if you’re like, one of those guys who really needed an iPod game that you bought one, you’re in luck. Through a fairly easy method, you can crack iPod Games that you purchased for use o

Love Music? Love Last.fm

If you are any way into music and use any semi-popular MP3 player (software-based), you should check out Last.fm! You install a little plugin onto your PC or Mac and it collects song information from

The AudioFile: Can't They All Just Get Along?

Face it, DRM is here to stay. Sure there are cracks (thanks DVD Jon!), file-sharing networks, and Bit Torrent, but the fact is many people are still buying digital music online legally. Some pundits s

Tag Your Desktop Stuff With Tag2Find

Tagging should be a feature of operating systems. It’s usually a superior way of organizing information v. folders because a file can be placed in only a single folder, but multiple tags can be

Daily Crunch: RPG Edition

History of Computerized RPGs: The Wonder Years Dazzling Toaster Amps Workspace Roundup: Ergonomic Chairs Solar Powered GPS Receiver for Hermits, Perverts The Futurist: MacWorld’s-A-Comin’ or… Th

Google's Orkut Down For 13+ Hours

Google’s Orkut social network, which has been having a bit of a renaissance this year, has been down for the last thirteen hours as of 2 am PST. It’s unlikely this is an upgrade given the
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