• RoboCar MEV-C: Japan Gets New Robot Car

    RoboCar MEV-C: Japan Gets New Robot Car

    Tokyo-based robot venture ZMP has churned out yet another robot car: this time, it’s the so-called RoboCar MEV-C, which is based on COMS, a vehicle Toyota started developing back in 2000. Just as COMS, the MEV-C is a single-person, 4-wheeled electric mini car – just with a robotic twist. Read More

  • e-nuvo WHEEL-M: Japan Gets New Self-Balancing Robot (Video)

    Most of the robots out there have one common problem: They can only move in a mechanical and chopping motion and can’t keep their balance. Enter ZMP‘s e-Nuvo WHEEL, a two-wheeled robot [JP] that looks quite mundane but boasts some amazing self-balancing skills. Read More

  • Video: ZMP's "RoboCar MEV"

    The idea of using robot technology for cars isn’t new, but this new model, the so-called RoboCar MEV [JP], is pretty cool. The one-seater, made by Japanese maker ZMP, is actually the company’s second robot car (following a similar vehicle they showed last February). Read More

  • Video: RoboCar helps to create more intelligent cars in the future

    In case you ever wondered what practical purpose robotics as a field of science has, RoboCar [JP] might be one answer. That’s the name of a car robotics platform (and robot) currently in development at Tokyo-based robotics venture ZMP. Read More

  • RoboCar G: Japanese venture to sell electric robot car (videos)

    We covered various products from Tokyo-based robotics venture ZMP in the past, including a mini robo car, but we never had the chance to blog about an actual robot car (from any company actually). Granted, it’s just a one-seater and not really “robotic”, but the so-called RoboCar G [JP], which is an electric vehicle, doesn’t look too bad and might be the beginning of a… Read More

  • Meet Nippon Institute of Technology's cool humanoid (video)

    It’s another humanoid from Japan, it doesn’t have an official name yet, but it’s pretty cool: This new robot [JP] is the result of a collaboration between various Japanese companies and institutions, namely the Nippon Institute of Technology, Harada Vehicle Design [JP], ZMP and ZNUG Design. Based technically on ZMP’s Nuvo robot, it stands 1.26m tall and weighs 15kg. Read More

  • Japanese robotics company unveils autonomous mini vehicle

    Tokyo-based robotics venture ZMP has developed a mini vehicle that is about one-tenth the size of a real car and able to drive autonomously. Equipped with a CCD camera and an infrared laser system, the robo-car is able to detect obstacles and calculate their distance. Read More

  • Japan chooses 2008's best robots (photo gallery)

    Last year’s Grand Prize winning robot There should be no doubt that Japan is the world’s leading nation when it comes to the production and promotion of robots of all kinds. Each year, Nippon’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) chooses a handful of robots it thinks are especially cool and gives them the so-called Robot Award [JP]. The ministry yesterday announced… Read More

  • Japan wants more robot research, sells source code for humanoids

    ZMP, the world’s first venture company focusing on robot technology and – of course – based in Tokyo, is selling the source code [JP] for nuvo, one of its best-selling robots. The humanoid was unveiled in 2004 and ZMP says it’s the first robot for home use. The company’s aim is to establish a research community centered on the findings derived from doing… Read More