e-nuvo WHEEL-M: Japan Gets New Self-Balancing Robot (Video)

Most of the robots out there have one common problem: They can only move in a mechanical and chopping motion and can’t keep their balance. Enter ZMP‘s e-Nuvo WHEEL, a two-wheeled robot [JP] that looks quite mundane but boasts some amazing self-balancing skills.

As you can see in the video embedded below, the e-Nuvo WHEEL can move around on its two wheels smoothly and without losing its balance. The main bullet point here is the robot’s ability to do this on a soft mattress that has a slightly “uneven” surface.

My hope is they can one day use this technology in a humanoid (I can’t think of many humanoids that have these self-balancing skills at this point).

The battery-powered robot comes with a camera, stands 46cm tall, and weighs 6kg. ZMP is actually selling the e-Nuvo WHEEL for $1,020 (academic institutions get a $120 discount).