• After Disappearing For More Than 3 Years, Why The Lucky Stiff Returns To The Internet

    After Disappearing For More Than 3 Years, Why The Lucky Stiff Returns To The Internet

    With few exceptions, the world of developers (and startups in general), is really known for its scandals. But when Ruby icon Why the Luck Stuff (also known simply as _why) suddenly took all of his projects offline – including the famous Why’s (poignant) Guide to Ruby – offline in August 2009, there was quite a bit of uproar and anger in the programming community. _why had… Read More

  • Why Are Watches So Expensive?

    There is no denying that most people consider watches to be pretty expensive. Luxury watches often cost as much, or more than cars. For people not intimately aware of how the luxury watch industry works, it can be confusing, frustrating, even maddening why watches are so expensive. Due to this question getting thrown around a lot, click below to “read more” to learn about luxury… Read More

  • SteamBoy: Steam Powered Game Boy

    Much of the electricity you use is brought to you by steam in one way or another. But why not cut the middle man? This clever fellow has hooked his Game Boy Color up to an old-school steam generator, and it works. Sure, a pack of Energizers would do the trick much more easily, but this is cool, you see? Steam Powered Game Boy [Boing Boing] Read More

  • Ice Rocks. Sigh.

    Ice Rocks. Sigh.

    File this one under stupid. The Water Bank of America, Inc. will soon be offering ice trays that are hermetically sealed with spring water. There is currently no stated price, but Ice Rocks will come in packs of 4, 24, 48 and an economy size that holds 200 cubes. Now I have to wonder about the real demand for this. The price will surely be jacked up. If you really need frozen spring water… Read More