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  • (Fly or Die) HTC Titan II

    HTC Titan II Review: Sometimes A Win-Win Is A Lose

    I’ve been spending some quality time with HTC’s Titan II, and I would never call it a bad phone. But that’s not the question — good, bad, fast, slow, ugly, beautiful… they don’t matter unless I feel that I’d put down money and live my life with this device. And even though I expected this to be one of my favorites, I walk away from my review certain that… Read More

  • HTC Titan II Review: Head-To-Head With The Lumia 900 And One X

    HTC Titan II Review: Head-To-Head With The Lumia 900 And One X

    The HTC Titan II has already gone through the Fly or Die ringer, but the real determining factor for these phones is the level of competition surrounding them. In the case of the Titan II, the HTC/Microsoft partnership is most threatened by more HTC and Windows-powered phones, namely the Lumia 900 and the HTC One X. So what do these phones have that the Titan lacks? How does the Titan wipe up… Read More

  • (Fly or Die) HTC Titan II

    Fly Or Die: HTC Titan II

    The HTC Titan II is a symbol for an excellent partnership. I love HTC hardware and I love Windows Phone. It should be a match made in heaven, but unfortunately it’s not. John and I sat down in the studio yesterday with the giant 4.7-inch hunk of glass and plastic, and we came away with pretty negative sentiments toward the device. Read More