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  • Gift Guide: Ten One Design Pogo Connect iPad Stylus

    Gift Guide: Ten One Design Pogo Connect iPad Stylus

    The number of options out there for iPad styli at this point is almost crazy. But Ten One Design has always made solid ones, and the Pogo Connect also adds pressure sensitivity via Bluetooth 4.0. It’s a slightly different take than others in this space, and one that benefits immensely from extremely low power consumption. Read More

  • Ten One Design's Particle case keeps your iPad cool

    Looking for a case for your iPad? Here’s one to consider; Ten One Design just came out with the Particle Case. The Particle Case combines a capacitive touch screen stylus with a integrated clip and open back to protect your device, but also keep it from overheating during use. Best part about it is the quite reasonable $34.95 retail price. The Particle case is available now from the Ten… Read More