• Good Riddance, Google Reader

    Good Riddance, Google Reader

    Google Reader turned into a zombie a long time ago and it’s good that Google finally killed it. For years, Google Reader has been sitting on Google’s servers without any appreciable updates. Sure, it got a bit of a facelift in 2011, but it only lost functionality since Google decided to rip out its social features in an effort to drive people to Google+. Its core features hadn’t… Read More

  • YC-Backed NewsBlur Takes Feed Reading Back To Its Basics

    YC-Backed NewsBlur Takes Feed Reading Back To Its Basics

    Every few months or so, somebody will declare the death of RSS, and with it the death of old-school feed readers like Google Reader. Don't tell that to Samuel Clay, though, the founder of Newsblur, a web-based feed reader that's in Y Combinator's current batch of startups. Newsblur has many interesting features besides the pure feed reading experience, but at first glance, the web app feels like a… Read More